Making Life Easier In The Cloud

Posted by Think Tank on 14 July 2021.

Taxshop services

It makes absolute sense that we should look back and reflect on the success (or failure) of strategies implemented in the past. Great strategists do this regularly, others reflect less often.

One course of action which The Tax Shop chose to follow many years ago and which has proved very successful was to move all our systems and software applications to the Cloud. As far back as 2007 we identified the need to leave behind archaic legacy systems and to embrace the technological advances offered by the internet.

The result of these actions meant that Tax Shop Accountants had the ability to operate remotely long before the Coronavirus pandemic dictated the “new normal”. Today we can all see the importance of investing in systems that are flexible and enable providers and their clients to connect easily without having to be physically present.

Whether it be accounting work, payroll, taxation, business advisory or anything else in our profession, there are no more arguments for systems linked to a single computer or to a physical location. There are no more excuses for having to load antiquated software which may still work well but does not afford the user the ability to move around.

Of significant importance is how our clients have been able to grow and become far more competitive by adopting cloud technology with us. Invoicing a customer from any device, dealing with orders immediately, capturing data electronically (not by hand) and setting rules for outstanding payments are only a handful of exciting features offered by the systems we use.

One of our franchise owners contacted us recently to mention that two of their contractors were in the Ukraine for a while and yet they were servicing all their clients back in SA without any hiccups.

How fortunate we are today that we can work from anywhere in the world and from any device to deliver our services more efficiently than we could ever have done twenty years ago.

Talk about making life easier!