Smart Solutions: We use state-of-the-art technology to help provide exceptional service and exceed our clients’ expectations. With the success of our many Tax Shop offices operating throughout South Africa, we have become a top name in Business and Accounting circles.

Outsourcing and Technology Solutions

Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting

Remove the aggravation of manic month-end data capture, tiresome journal entries or tedious reconciliations. Get real-time reporting

Outsourced Payroll & HR

The pandemic is putting a lot of pressure on the payroll function. Let us help you keep your payroll payments correct and on time, every time.

Outsourced Tax

Get the best returns on your tax. Ensure compliance. Calculate the most beneficial salary structures so that everyone wins.

Integration and Automation makes things easier

Business Intelligence Systems & Software

Knowing exactly what is working and whatnot, in real-time, and being able to make informed decisions with that information is what distinguishes a successful business.

Cloud Accounting

Make use of the functionality that state-of-the-art software and technology can provide to make your life easier.

Outsourced Accounting

Virtual Accountant and Bookkeeper

Let us take care of the tedious, time-consuming aspects of your business so that you can take care of the more important aspects of growing and expanding your business to stand out in your field and/ or become the authority in your industry.

External CFO/ Financial Manager

Let us take care of the collation, analysis, and interpretation of your data. We have years of experience to spot anomalies, and potential and opportunities. We can assist the learning process to become consummate forecasters and business strategists to take your business to the next level.

Outsourced Payroll & HR

Payroll is One of The Most Important Aspects of a Business

Payroll has to be correct and on time, or else…

  • Employees freak out, strike, down tools, leave.
  • You get bad press and your company gets a bad reputation.
  • Internal Revenue slaps you with penalties.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Peace of Mind

  • Automated and Integrated systems that clock the comings and goings of staff, keep a record of attendance in timesheets; time off, absenteeism, leave, sick leave, compassionate leave, etc.
  • Produce and distribute payslips (even if your HR/ payroll person is off sick)
  • Ensure compliance with Government and Labour regulations
  • Deal with UIF, Tax returns, workmen’s compensation
  • Take care of SARS problems and interactions

Checks and Balances

Check to verify. Catch out shenanigans; misappropriation and misrepresentation of funds, creative accounting, selective reporting, corruption, fraud, stealing …

No Worries About Software Upgrades

  • No technicians required
  • Software upgrades included in monthly rates

Reduce Costs

Usually costs between 15 – 30% less than permanent staff.

Outsourced Tax, Tax Planning & Compliance

Save time and money with smart tax solutions.

Business Intelligence & Insights

Make informed decisions. Interactive dashboard with graphs, charts, stats and comparative financial reports to provide the information you need – to make an informed decision – at your fingertips.

Cloud Accounting Technology & Services

Reduce Risk. Data safe and secure in the cloud. Access to information from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Integrated Systems and Software

Make sure the software you use ‘talks’ to each other seamlessly.

State-of-the-art Technology

Smart automation. Using integrated software applications and systems, we build an automated, tailored solution that suits your requirements and pocket, yet makes you/ your staff/ your organization or company… just that much more efficient, effective and productive.

Making your life easier.