Breaking news - income tax calculators!

Our popular income tax calculators have now been updated for the 2020 tax year. For a quick demonstration of our tax calculator, including what it looks like and how it works, please view our video here. Follow the instructions further down for ordering the latest update.

Few software options are available in SA for accountants, tax and related practitioners for performing tax calculations for individuals. The products that are available are very expensive or they are not suited for quick tax calculations. We, therefore, embarked on a process of developing a budget and user-friendly advanced income tax calculator for individuals.

  • It is perfect for checking the tax calculations of individuals as assessed by SARS. As accountants, we believe it is not good enough simply to rely on the results produced by SARS.
  • It is a great tool for performing tax planning for clients through salary structuring and other means. By changing inputs, you can quickly determine the effect on the tax liability of a taxpayer under various scenarios.
  • It may be used unlimited times on the same computer meaning that, for a once-off fee, you may use our tax calculator for any number of clients or taxpayers.

Our tax calculators retail for R1,500 incl. vat for each tax year.  We are currently offering the following special pricing:
  • 2018 tax year – R750 incl. vat
  • 2019 tax year – R990 incl. vat
  • 2020 tax year – R990 incl. vat

How to order?
To find out more about our product or to place an order simply email your request to us at