Tax Shop Accountants offer a complete financial accounting solution to save time, effort, money, resources for individuals and SME’s. Our personalised service gives us a better understanding of your accounting, tax and admin needs so we can optimise the services we provide you with.

Our tailormade service package ensures that you don’t pay for services you don’t need.

Contact Tax Shop to help set it up, provide the software. Or do it for you. Your choice. This frees you up to do what you do best – we take care of the rest.


Our taxation services range from basic registrations to the submission of complex returns. Whether you are an individual, small, medium or large enterprise, we aim to deliver professional taxation services at the lowest cost to you.

Advanced tax software developed in-house means that you never have to face mistakes or delays on your tax returns again. Because it is kept up-to-date with the latest legislation, you never have to worry about compliance.


Our taxation services include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • Registrations of individuals and corporates.
  • Submission of returns for income tax (including provisional tax), employees tax (PAYE), interest on overdue income tax, Nett VAT (incl. payments, refunds, etc.), customs duties.
  • We also handle individual tax returns, audits, travel allowances.
  • Foreign income exemptions.
  • Tax clearance certificates.
  • Tax directives.
  • Communication with South African Revenue Services (SARS).
    • Correct errors on accounts with SARS.
    • Negotiate repayment plans with SARS and obtain discounts.
    • Handle penalty negotiation and objections.
    • Investigations into outstanding accounts with SARS.
    • Assist with tax claims.
  • Tax Consulting – e.g. Restructuring of salary packages with the purpose of saving tax.
  • Tax Advice – General tax advice with regards to all aspects of taxation, including capital gains tax.
  • Tax Administration – As part of an outsourced payroll solution, or as an additional service.
  • International Taxation – Where you have to pay income taxes on foreign income.
  • Global Taxation – Where the government taxes all your income, both foreign and domestic.

What our tax and tax planning services would include:

  • Register your business for all required taxes.
  • Help you legally pay the minimum tax possible (individuals, staff and organizations).
  • Assist in calculating your tax liabilities.
  • Remind you to pay your taxes on time, every time.
  • Support you to build a solid track record with SARS.

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Registered SARS Tax Practitioner

Taxation in South Africa

Categories of tax

Three Main Types of Taxes

  1. Taxes on income and earnings
  2. Ad valorem taxes
  3. Consumption taxes

Other Types of Taxes Worth Mentioning

Company Taxes


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